About the Club

  • How many members are in the club?
    • Because we currently have only one airplane, we have capped the membership at 17 members. If there is enough demand, we may consider purchasing a second airplane and raise the membership to 34.
  • How busy is the airplane schedule?
    • Our busiest flying season is May – August. During this time the airplane can be in heavy demand, especially on weekends. If you know your travel dates in advance, you can reserve as early as you would like to ensure you get your dates. During fall and winter, the schedule is typically wide open, and you can pretty much take your pick.
  • Do you provide flight instruction?
    • We are not a flight school, but we do have members who are qualified instructors. Some of our members have earned their instrument rating or commercial certificate through our club. Only club-authorized instructors may provide instruction in our airplane.

Standby Members

  • How do I apply for standby membership?
    • Complete and submit the membership application with a $500 deposit.
  • How long do standby members have to wait before being accepted into the club?
    • This depends on how long it takes for a member to resign from the club. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact answer. The wait could be one month, or even a year. However, your standby deposit is fully refundable, so if you decide to pull out from the standby list, you will get your money back.
  • Is the standby deposit refundable?
    • Yes, it is fully refundable.
  • Do I have to pay monthly dues as a standby member?
    • No.


  • Will I get the $1000 initiation fee back when I leave the club?
    • No, the initiation fee is non-refundable.
  • How do I become a club officer?
    • Elections are held during the March monthly meeting. Any member in good standing can run for a club officer position.


  • Does the flying rate include fuel and oil?
    • Yes
  • How about ramp fees, landing fees etc?
    • The member is responsible for all charges beyond fuel and oil.
  • How does fuel charges work?
    • At our home airport (MGY), call First Flight Aviation when you need fuel. They have an open account with the club, so you don’t have to pay. When purchasing fuel elsewhere, pay first and submit the receipts to the treasurer. This will be subtracted from your flying charges.
  • What are the minimum flying hours?
    • Any reservation over 4 hours is subject to a minimum charge of 1 hr/day. On weekends and holidays, the minimum is 1.5 hr/day. Having said that, we have rarely enforced this minimum because most of our members are very considerate and do their best not to hog the airplane for too long.
  • If I cancel my schedule at the last minute, will I be charged?
    • While the club reserves the right to enforce half the daily minimum for last minute cancellations or no-shows, we rarely do. We rely on all members being considerate of other members.
  • Can I fly outside the U.S (i.e, Canada or Mexico)?
    • Yes, but you need permission from the trustees prior to flying outside the U.S. You will be responsible for purchasing the U.S Customs Decal and any other associated fees.