Becoming a Member

Membership is available to anyone with at least a private pilot certificate, current medical certificate (including Basic Med) and at least 100 hrs of logged time. We do not currently accept student pilots.

Below are the steps to becoming a member:

Step 1: Fill out an application and submit it to the Membership Officer.

Step 2: Set up a time to meet with our Membership Officer to see the airplane and to go over the club operations.

Step 3: Pay the $1000 non-refundable initiation fee.

Step 4: Set up a time with one of our authorized instructors to get checked out in the airplane. Submit the signed check out form to the Membership Officer.

Step 5: You will be assigned login credentials for Schedulemaster.

Step 6: Have fun flying!

The current monthly dues are $135/month. The flying rate is $176/tach-hr. Our flying rate is adjusted based on average fuel prices. You will be billed monthly for these fees.