About the Dayton Pilots’ Club

Dayton Pilots’ Club was formed in 1958. Many generations of pilots have come and gone through our club. In the early days, we used to have dozens of airplanes and several hundred members. Today, we have one airplane and 17 members (and currently a short waiting list).

Regardless of its small size, we provide a value that you won’t find at any other club. Our Cessna 182RG is a complex high-performance traveling airplane that can carry four adults at 145 knots with a 5-hour endurance. That’s enough to fly you and your family from Dayton to Florida. Try doing that in a Piper Arrow, Cessna 172RG, or even a Mooney 201. This is an unbeatable value that you won’t find anywhere else.

Nonstop flight from MGY to CLW

We are based at MGY airport (Dayton Wright Brothers Airport), just south of Dayton. The airport has a 5000-ft runway with easy access from I-75. You can park your car right next to the hangar, hop in and go fly. If you need fuel, just call the FBO, and they will bring the fuel truck to the hangar.

MGY is a non-towered airport, but there is an RCO for getting IFR clearances on the ground. The airspace around here is very GA-friendly. We have one of the highest concentration of GA airports in the country. There are about 15 GA airports within a 25 nautical mile radius.