Cost of Membership

The fixed cost of membership is the $1000 initiation fee and $135 monthly dues. Flying cost depends on how much you actually fly. Here are some typical scenarios.

Initial cost

Assuming you are a new pilot and only have the minimum hours to become a member, you will typically need a 10-hr checkout. Shown below is the maximum cost for a new pilot to get started:

  • Initiation fee: $1000
  • 10 hrs checkout: $1750
  • Approx 12 hrs instruction time: $500 (you pay directly to the instructor at the rate they charge. The Club does not monitor or control instructor rates)
  • Maximum cost to get started: $3250

Ongoing monthly cost

Typical members fly about 5 hrs/month. In our airplane, 5 hrs on the tach can take you from Dayton to Washington, DC and back. Assuming you make such a trip every month, your estimated monthly cost will be as follows:

  • Monthly dues: $135
  • Flying cost (5 hrs/month): $875
  • Total monthly cost: approx $1000

Of course, if you do not fly at all, you will only pay the monthly dues of $135.