Here’s what’s going on at Dayton Pilots’ Club:


Next Club Meeting

Our monthly Dayton Pilots’ Club meeting is the annual DPC Picnic on July 19.  

Come and join us!


Trustees Minutes

  • July 2017: Proposed plan for avionics upgrades, 11S items that need addressed, financial report. 
  • September 2016: Review of the engine fund, discussion re. runway closures, report on Runway Fest.
  • August 2016: Changes in Trustee responsibilities, information on upcoming Club events, including Runway Fest
  • July 2016: Report on 9TX’s autopilot, suggestions for scheduling.
  • June 2016: Cookout for the next Club meeting, 9TX in great shape and flying a lot.
  • May 2016: Flying rate remains @ $120, signed up for RunwayFest.
  • April 2016: Flying rate drops to $120, airplane out of annual and at Muncie getting an Aspen.
  • March 2016: Dues remain the same, Annual coming up.
  • February 2016: Amendments to Constitution and Operating Rules.
  • January 2016: New monthly dues and flying rate.
  • December 2015 Special Meeting: Discussed next steps following the failing of 78X’s engine in Annual.
  • November 2015: Flying rate change announced.
  • August 2015: 78X DG inoperative and on order, 9TX Autopilot repaired, membership changes.