Club Meetings

Here’s what has gone on at Dayton Pilots’ Club:

March 21, 2018 “I Forgot How To Land?!”

As we come out of the winter – and the lack of flying – we often find that our skills have gotten a little rusty, and that is especially true for landings. We can also begin to develop bad habits, and think, “I forgot how to land!”

During the program, we watched two videos on improving landings:

We also talked about avionics upgrade options for 7311S.


January 17, 2018 “New Guidelines: Stalls, Rapid Descents, and other tips from Larry”

Our Chief Flight Instructor Larry Scherr, gave us some updates on the guidelines for becoming a pilot (gone is the PTS, hello ACS). He also talking about techniques for initiation a rapid descent due to an emergency. And of course, Larry always has come great tips on how to fly.