Member Information

Here is our Dayton Pilots’ Club Information, a sort of POH, where you will find all your important information!

Member Currency Requirements

Checklist-iconRemember, in order to schedule a DPC aircraft, each member must submit the following documents to the Membership Officer:

  1. Current DPC Annual Flight Review in PDF or Word format
  2. Current Medical
  3. Current Year’s Insurance Form
  4. Attend a Safety Meeting (or approved equivalent) in the last 12 months.

Cessna Skylane 182 RG Links and Information


Due to it’s high-performance and retractable capabilities, the Skylane has additional requirements to serve as Pilot In Command:

  1. Has at least 90 hours of total logged flight time.
  2. Has at least the following logged pilot time in the same make and model as the insured aircraft prior to acting as pilot in command:
    1. 10 hours with an instructor if member has less than 50 hours of logged pilot time in retractable gear aircraft; or;
    2. 5 hours with an instructor if member has 50 or more hours of logged flight time in retractable gear aircraft; or;
    3. 1 hour with an instructor if member has 500 or more hours total logged flight time and 100 or more hours in retractable gear aircraft;
  3. Has at least 3 hours logged pilot time in the same make and model as the insured aircraft in the preceding 180 days, or has taken and passed a currency check-out in the insured aircraft, and written approval from a Certified Flight Instructor in the preceding 45 days.
  4. Has received a check-out form, and written approval of a Certificated Flight Instructor in the same make and model as the insured aircraft.

Docs and Forms:

Everything you need to stay current and informed.

DPC Leadership

Go here to find a list of the Board of Trustees, their phone numbers, and email addresses. You can also send an email to all the Trustees. In addition, find information of Approved Instructors and Crew Chiefs.


Here you can find DPC news, including meeting minutes, Club highlights, helpful articles from leading aviation sources, and a chance to see what’s being posted on the Dayton Pilots’ Club Facebook page.