Christmas Party: December 16

Our next Club meeting is December 16, and it is our annual Christmas party. There will be pizza provided; we ask that you bring either chips or a desert. 

It will also be an opportunity to learn the findings from 78X’s annual, get an update on the Club’s status, and engage in discussion.

Please make every effort to attend. The party is from 7-8 PM.

Christmas Party

Information from the February 18, 2015 Membership Meeting

Dayton Pilots Club Membership Meeting: February 2015

Members Attending: Tom Weber, Steve Bohn, Reiff Lorenz, Neal Charske, Clem Gilliland, Ken Lawson, Gary Wheeler, Chester Harris, Suzanne Harris, Larry Scherr, Todd Morehart [Note. We have 19 active members, so the 30% that is required for a quorum is 6 members.]


The Treasurer reported the proposed budget for 2015. It proposes increasing the monthly dues to $120 per month. The proposed flying rate is $146 for the Cessna 182RG and the Archer rate drops to $83 per hour (down from $108).


We have had a number of new member inquiries, but none have committed to joining, yet.


The plane is in good shape. We will replace the strobe lights with LED fixtures as soon as they are available.


The manifold pressure gage is reading low. It has been placarded. An odor was reported in the cockpit. The aircraft was checked for carbon monoxide; none was found. The smell was suspected to be oil or dust in the heat duct.

Other topics

There was a discussion of the changes to the constitution proposed last month. Neal Charske moved to accept the changes. Clem Gilliland seconded. The membership unanimously approved the proposed changes to the constitution.

We’re now taking nominations for the club’s trustees. Contact Neal Charske if you are interested in running. The election will be at the March membership meeting.

At last. AV Gas is dropping!

Fueling UpBeen wondering when that drop in crude oil you’ve seen in the financials and at the pump will hit the aviation world and DPC? Well, it is just now arriving.

Prices at Dayton Wright Brothers have recently declined, following a small but growing trend on the national scene. And that means cheaper Flying Rates of our DPC members.

Come to the next Club meeting to find out the specifics.

And read this AOPA Article “Fuel Starts to Tumble.”

Something Missing?

9TX Missing PropYou know, sometimes when you start dating a new girl, it’s probably going to cost you some money, with dinners, flowers, candy, etc. And if you are lucky to find the right one, a ring will be required, and that will set you back some bucks.

Guess that’s the way it is with a new airplane as well. Our new girl needed some attention: namely, some new prop seals that eventually required a prop overhaul.

Oh well, just like your spouse, 9TX will be worth it.